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Terms & Conditions of Membership

Rules of Membership: I have read and understood the rules relating to the Eastside Toy Library’s Membership rules. I agree to abide by the Eastside Toy Library Membership Rules as published on their website and any subsequent rules notified by the toy library. I agree to pay all published fees and charges and understand these are non-refundable. I acknowledge that the Eastside Toy Library reserves the right to visit homes to reclaim overdue toys.

Privacy Act: I understand that my personal details will be added to the Eastside Toy Library membership list and used only for toy library business.

Liability Clause: I assume complete and full responsibility for any and all injuries caused to any person or property which may result in whole or in part from using toys I borrow from this toy library. I hereby release the Eastside Toy Library from all responsibility for any injuries so sustained either outside or on the library premises.


Helmet Waiver: The Eastside Toy Library makes ride-on toys, bicycles, and scooters available to members, however they do not provide protective clothing or bicycle helmets. I acknowledge that the safety of the children using this equipment is my sole responsibility and release the toy library from liability of any kind.

Responsibility Clause: I understand that all toys borrowed from the toy library remain the property of the toy library at all times.  I undertake full responsibility for any items borrowed and commit to return all items on time and in the same condition they were hired; this means items must be cleaned before return, breakages must be reported, and the cost of repair may be charged, and lost items will be charged $5.00 per piece or the cost of replacement, whichever is greater.

Financial Clauses:


All monies deposited into the Eastside Toy Library’s bank account must include the member's last name in the reference section and the reason for the deposit (i.e. membership fees, toy hire, late fees) in the particulars section, and a screenshot of any payment should be sent to

Any person ceasing to be a member of the Library for any cause whatsoever nevertheless remains liable to the Library for all subscriptions and other moneys which may have become due by such persons prior to termination of such membership. 

The membership is not transferable.

Failure to return property of Eastside Toy Library: I understand that failure to return the toy library's property after 8 weeks would constitute a complaint of theft to the police.

Abuse towards our staff or volunteers: This will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate termination of the membership of the person(s) responsible.

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