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Health & Safety

  • We are committed to our responsibility to proactively identify and manage health and safety risks by taking all reasonable, practicable steps to provide safe equipment that is maintained to an acceptable standard. Our members have a prime responsibility to ensure that they take reasonable care of their own health and safety while using our equipment and report any incidents that occur while using the equipment

  • Toys are labeled with a recommended age for use and warnings where there are small parts or plastic bags that can pose a hazard

  • We love seeing your kids in the library engaging in the choice of what to pick. You are responsible for your children while they are in the library. Please take particular care of your young ones as toys are not secured on our shelves and their safety is your responsibility

  • Please park in our carpark, not on the main road, if you have children with you, this is to keep them safe! Please ask for help to get toys back to your car if you need a hand so you can keep your children safe - our volunteers will happily help you!

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