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Cleaning and caring for our toys!

  • We aim to hire out toys in a clean, hygienic state, and require them to be returned in the same condition

  • If there are pieces missing or broken when you get your toys home, please email or message us immediately to let us know, otherwise you will be charged for the missing pieces on return

  • Please return toys in the correct bags and ensure both the inside and outside of the bag/box is clean

  • Members are responsible for replacing batteries as required

  • Treat the toys as your own, and use them only as they are intended

  • Please don't leave toys outside at night or in bad weather

  • Most toys can be cleaned using warm water and a little dish soap on a damp cloth - we recommend cleaning them the night before they are due back as this allows time to dry them (A toothbrush or ear bud will help you get in a tough area)

  • If someone is unwell in your house please wipe everything down with antibacterial wipes, dettol, or an alcohol based cleaning solution, and let us know when you're returning your toys and we will quarantine the toys for a week to prevent the spread of infections

  • If a toy is returned in a poor state, then you will be asked to clean it or you will incur a $5.00 fine

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